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-Supports Adrenal + Thyroid Health†
-Boosts Energy Levels†
-Fights Stress + Fatigue†
-Complete B Vitamin Family
-Extra B12

Tired and Fatigued? Boost Energy Levels with Vitamin B12

Top 5 Health Benefits of Vitamin B

Feeling tired and fatigued? Struggling with mood swings and depression? Is your hair falling out? These signs might indicate vitamin B deficiency. B-complex vitamins regulate your mood, memory, digestion, energy levels, and much more. They contribute to nearly every process in your body, so it's essential to make sure you meet your daily nutrient requirements. Vitamin B12 is particularly important and can only be found in a small number of foods. Taking a supplement may help prevent Vitamin B12 deficiency, boosting your health.

The vitamin B family includes eight vitamins, such as thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), folic acid (B9), and cobalamin (B12). Each nutrient has a specific role and needs to be obtained through diet. These vitamins support energy metabolism and aid in the formation of red blood cells.

Let's a take a quick look at the health benefits of the B-complex vitamin family:

Reduces Stroke Risk

Scientific evidence shows that vitamin B supplements may help prevent stroke and improve blood flow to the brain. In a clinical trial conducted on 50,000 people, the risk of stroke dropped by seven percent in those who took vitamin B for six months. The subjects also reported lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol levels. 

Keeps Your Brain Sharp

Vitamin B can help you stay mentally sharp and lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. These nutrients reduce homocysteine levels, which helps prevent brain atrophy and age-related neurological disorders. Studies suggest that vitamin B supplementation may also enhance cognitive function and memory.

Increases Your Energy

B-complex vitamins act as co-factors for metabolic enzymes that support energy production. Moderate deficiency can lead to fatigue, mood swings, restlessness, and poor mental focus. These nutrients keep your body functioning at its peak, helping to produce cellular energy.

Boosts Your Testosterone Levels  

Vitamins B3, B6, and B12 assist with testosterone production, leading to improved physical performance. Thiamine helps preserve muscle and reduces catabolism. Riboflavin supports healthy libido and increases sex drive. Niacin raises testosterone and growth hormone levels, which makes it easier to build lean mass. Vitamin B6 inhibits estrogen production and keeps your body in an anabolic state that supports muscle growth and fat loss. 

Lifts Your Mood

Folic acid, vitamin B2, and vitamin B12 play a crucial role in the formation of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, while lowering homocysteine levels. These nutrients lift your mood, relieve depression symptoms, improve concentration, and support mental function.


Deficiency Warning Signs 

Most grains and dark green vegetables contain B-complex vitamins. Meat, eggs, fish, and dairy are rich in vitamin B12. If your diet lacks these nutrients, you may develop: †


  • Pernicious anemia
  • Fatigue
  • Mood disturbances
  • Muscle weakness
  • Poor memory
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle aches
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Skin rash
  • Eczema
  • Depression
  • Dizziness


Vegans and elderly people tend to develop vitamin B12 deficiency. If you don’t eat meat, consider using supplements. Ideally, choose one containing all eight B vitamins. A few weeks from now, you'll enjoy better digestion, think clearer, and have greater energy. Your skin, hair, and nails will become stronger too!