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Paleo Protein + Gut Support

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-Supports Lean Muscle Growth and Recovery†
-Promotes Weight Loss†
-Supports Gut Health†
-Paleo + CrossFit Friendly

Build Muscle, Increase Recovery and Heal your Gut with
Paleo Protein + Gut Support†

Top 6 Health Benefits of Paleo Protein + Gut Support

Want to get leaner and improve your workouts? Trying to prevent fatigue, muscle loss, and weight gain? Then you should consider a natural protein powder, such as Paleo Protein + Gut Support. Made from bovine albumin concentrate, it's the purest form of protein available on the market. Since it has no lactose, it's perfect for those who avoid dairy or suffer from milk allergies. This paleo protein supplement promotes muscle growth, speeds up recovery, and boosts your anabolic hormones. Let's take a quick look at its health benefits:

Increased Bioavailability †

Bovine albumine concentrate, the primary ingredient in Paleo Protein, is readily soluble in water and packs larger amounts of amino acids compared to other protein sources. It boasts high antioxidant levels, protecting against oxidative stress and inflammation. Due to its binding ability, it's effective at removing toxins from your system. This ingredient is widely used in protein supplements to increase their antioxidant content and health benefits. Additionally, it's lactose free and doesn't cause digestive distress.

Aids in Muscle Building and Recovery †

This unique type of protein is chock-full of amino acids, growth factors, and naturally occurring bioactive peptides. One scoop delivers over 16 grams of protein, which is about 32 percent of the recommended daily dose. It's also a good source of calcium and iron, and has zero carbs! When used along with exercise, Paleo Protein can increase muscle size and strength, speed up recovery, and help your body heal itself. Compared to solid food, it's easier to digest and break down, providing an immediate source of fuel.

Improves Body Composition †

Paleo Protein contains all the essential and nonessential amino acids needed for muscle growth and repair. Moreover, it's carb free and has just 90 calories per serving. Studies indicate that a high protein intake raises metabolism and improves body composition. This nutrient helps build muscle, which in turn, increases your energy expenditure. Protein also has a strong thermogenic effect, causing your body to burn more calories. With Paleo Protein, you'll get leaner, stronger, and fitter within weeks. 

Boosts Immunity †

Bovine albumin concentrate is high in immunoglobulin, an antibody that supports immune function. Paleo Protein delivers two grams of immunoglobulin per serving. This nutrient protects against blood-borne infections, prevents anemia, and reduces the immune system's ability to attack body tissues in people with autoimmune conditions. It's also beneficial for those who are exposed to hepatitis A, measles, and other infectious diseases.

Protects against Cancer †

Studies conducted in the '90s suggest that bovine serum albumin may prevent cancer by inhibiting tumor growth. In clinical trials, this protein killed breast cancer cells and protected against genotoxic agents responsible for DNA damage. Additionally, a high-protein intake strengthens your natural defense mechanisms, which further lowers your risk of cancer.

Aids in Weight Management †

Paleo Protein is a great choice for those looking to drop weight and curb hunger. High in calcium, it improves energy metabolism and muscle-to-fat ratio. Evidence shows that protein has appetite-suppressing effects, which helps reduce hunger and unhealthy food cravings. This explains why you feel fuller after eating turkey, chicken, eggs, cheese, and other protein-rich foods. Paleo Protein will keep you full longer between meals and help prevent binge eating, making dieting easier.

Whether your goal is to shed fat or pack on muscle, this supplement can help. It comes in powder form and has no artificial flavors, so it's ideal for those who want a quick, healthy meal on the go. Paleo Protein might be exactly what you need to take your workouts to a whole new level!